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Want to start creating dynamic websites for your clients? Read more about becoming a DataLava reseller below.

How do you get started?

  • Contact DataLava to register your interest in the program
  • A DataLava representative will contact you to discuss your options, and provide a demonstration of the system
  • You submit an application to become a reseller
  • DataLava assesses your suitability as a reseller/ compatibility with program

Once your reseller account is active, DataLava provides:

  • Training – we teach you how to get started and provide a comprehensive reseller manual
  • Access to DataLava CMS, where you can set up and customise websites for your clients
  • Sales and marketing material which you can brand yourself and pass on to prospective clients
  • Access to the Datalava reseller and referral network
  • Help Centre for your clients

As a reseller, you can:

  • Add value to your current offerings by including the DataLava CMS
  • Determine the price you want to sell the DataLava CMS for
  • Sell the DataLava CMS as a bundled package (value add) or on its own